"Hinder Stir" as told by master ribald T. Payne, in iambs of five

Pray bound from off the coach upon the street

Let thine musicians pound the drums a-beat


Stir on, stir on


Make ripe thine wanton art strict bare of foot

What hind!, expert formation bawd’ly put


Stir on, stir on


Rare mistress thou appear’st divinely sent

Behind thine dancing path my blood ferments

Here moving not by soul, by flesh in-stead

My steer has fallen lower than my head


Stir on


Because I like how thou are toiling thus

Because I watch while thou are stirring thus

I must spirit thine shape, will’st thou be led

Away from light of day to dark of bed?


Stir on



Oh let oh let me see thine hinder stir

L-let l-let me see thine hinder stir

Hinder stir, hinder stir, hinder h-h-hinder stir

Left wise, right wise, left wise, right wise